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Seeks female RP buddy for Hentai/smut RP (18+)

My name is SilverFox, or call me Silver or Fox. :) I'm a guy, been roleplaying for years. Looking for a female RPer, who is at least 18+(!!!) years of age.

My kinks: I'm pretty much easy-going with anything, except gore and scat and stuff. I've almost seen and tried it all! x3

I'm also fine with playing the female role, if you are looking for a lesbian scenario.

I like to write multiple lines, like 10-14 or more. So I don't want just a few lines, but plenty. If someone were to write 2-3 lines, that's a no-go! xD

No fandoms, just original characters. I like to use pictures, also, for our characters. Oh, and please no world building, cause that'll only hold up the RP. I like surprises, and want to stories to unfold naturally as they come.

Oh, and I like a good balance of sex-driven and story-driven...story. ^_^

I prefer e-mail for RPing only!

Contact: shrewd.silver.fox@outlook.com
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