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Seeking a Dominant male or female for my Melinda

Types of characters I like to play range from dominant male (the fit has to be right though, and he's harder to coerce into playing nice with others than my favorite OCs, Melinda and Jared) to the feisty but ultimately submissive female. I love creating original characters but if you prefer I also enjoy the Harry Potter fandom, the X-men universe (although I'm a bit rusty), and a few others. If you give me time I'm sure I can pick up any of the other popular movies/tv shows out now too!

I would REALLY REALLY be grateful if anyone who wants to play has a good grasp on grammar, correct spelling, and is willing to type at least a paragraph for their turns. I know shorter replies equal quicker replies but, honestly, I don't mind waiting so I can have a better grasp of what's going on in your head. The more details the better- within reason of course! Also I need a partner to be 18 or older for the sexual scenes, please.
Kinks: I'm happy with anything and everything so long as it doesn't involve children or scat.

If you're interested in creating a fictional little slice of peace with me then leave a comment below or, if you prefer, send me an e-mail at WhackInk@gmail.com

If you've made it this far in my ramblings then I applaud you heartily lol! You win a fictional cookie full of fictional calories to be fictionally yummy! <3
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