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Advertise your RPG

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This community was made solely to advertise RPG communities or your free characters. A few rules to help you out.

1. It is an open community that you simply have to join to be a part of.

2. Please post only with your character journals. You don't roleplay as yourself.


In your post, please include what kind of community you are advertising, who to contact to join, and which characters are available. It is not MANDATORY to post this information, but it would be of great help to both you and your "recruits."


If you are advertising a character looking for a community, please post with that character's journal.

4. Please post only about advertising your character and/or RPG. No personal posts.

5. In order for your post to show up, you MUST post in the community.

6. All communities allowed (AU, PB, etc, etc...).

7. Please use correct grammar and spelling. That's what spell check is there for. And commas are when you take a breath.

7. Have fun and good luck!

Any questions, please e-mail rpg_ads@mail.com